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Will Power and GERD

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Junk Food or Healthy Food?

Can't stop making food choices that are triggering your acid reflux?

It's easier to make a choice the more support there is behind it. For example, if you had a crowd of 100 people cheering you on to eat your broccoli, would it be easier to eat? Or what if your grocery store placed all of the GERD friendly food at the front.

It is no wonder why so many people have difficulty making healthy food choices! Supermarkets, advertisements, and many friends will all try to push you towards eating (or buying) junk food. And once your in the habit of eating unhealthily, even your body will try to keep you on routine. The solution then would be to remove support for unhealthy choices and add support for healthy ones until you have more support for healthy eating. If you can convert something from an unhealthy to a healthy support (see grey items in picture below) then you get double points so to speak.

We can find support for a healthy, heartburn free life. Health coaching can support you in healthy eating and help you find ways to reduce negative influences in your life while increasing positive ones.

May you find recovery soon.

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