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Are You on the Healing Path?

If the motivation for taking a healing journey is the same energy that caused our problem in the first place, then true healing won't occur no matter what we try. The energy and intention we bring to any kind of healing protocol can determine the effect of the treatment. So before beginning a coaching relationship ask yourself “what is the true or real reason I’m doing what I’m doing?”

Below are some examples to help you understand what I mean.

1. "I just want to feel better."

Let's say I am an emotional eater. I eat to change any uncomfortable feelings, memories, or pains. Emotional eating can lead to overeating, eating at the wrong times, or eating the wrong things. These behaviours in turn lead to digestive distress or damage, and over time may result in chronic illnesses like GERD. Reflux causes uncomfortable and painful symptoms. Now, I want to feel better in my body so I go to the doctor for a pill. Again, I am putting something (e.g. a pill, herb. or tonic) in my mouth to feel better and so in a way, I'm still eating to feel better. The pill may work, but healing hasn't happened. In a way, I'm just covering with feelings.

2. "I'd rather focus on my body than my real problem."

We sometimes seek physical healing to avoid other problems in our life. You see this when people find it easier to try to cope with a physical problem than some other issue in their life. Sometimes physical pain or physical attention can be used as a distraction from something else like fear, trauma, sadness, hard truths, etc. So when beginning a coaching relationship ask yourself: "am I seeking help as an avoidance mechanism? Is there something much more disturbing than my physical discomfort that I am running from?" If this is the case, then you secretly don't want to be physically healed, or you believe that you can't be healed. Chronic fear has a huge impact on digestion and overall health. Remember that physical discomfort and pain can comfort you from other deeper levels of discomfort. People do it all the time.

3. "I want to be all-powerful."

We can begin "healing" ourselves with the true motivation of gaining superpowers. For example, take the person who wants to figure out how to eat whatever he likes without consequence. He wants all his alcohol, refined sugar, processed dairy, etc. This person effectively wants to become immune or impervious to poison. He may be in denial that certain things in his life are toxic. Healing will make you stronger and able to handle more stress in your life, but it won't change certain facts about our interconnectedness with reality.

These three examples can be looked at as the three major temptations.

  1. The temptation of gratification

  2. The temptation of fear

  3. The temptation of power.

Giving in to any of these gets us stuck in loops that prevent progress and true healing. These are the same temptations Budha faced before his enlightenment. and they parallel the three temptations of Jesus from the devil during his 40-day fast.

We are all healing.

Ultimately we are all on the healing path, and being stuck in patterns helps us to let go or change if we become conscious. But may we stop going in circles as soon as possible :)


Acid Reflux Coach

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