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Surprising Reflux/Heartburn Triggers

Tomatoes, citrus fruits, alcohol, coffee, fried foods, and chocolate all get blamed frequently for triggering GERD/GORD. But for many people, these foods aren't the root of their chronic acid reflux problem.

GERD may develop over a long period of time with many different contributing factors. All parts of our life can have an impact on our gut health and thereby on our GERD. Unlike acute injury, the consequences of unhealthy habits can accumulate over time to result in painful symptoms and even scaring and organ dysfunction.

Here are some surprising GERD triggers I've come across during my time as an Acid Reflux Coach:

  1. Toothpaste - Swallowing small amounts of toothpaste may aggravate your esophagus or relax your esophageal sphincters.

  2. Tap Water - Sufferers of GERD and heartburn have reported that removing chlorinated water from their life improved their acid reflux. For others, limescale or the hardness of the water may cause digestive problems contributing to their GERD.

  3. Posture - Poor posture after eating may lead to increased pressure on the LES and influence your likelihood of a hiatal hernia.

  4. Eating too Fast - not chewing enough and quick eating can stress your gut leading to acid reflux.

  5. Hormones - "studies suggest elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone increase gastroesophageal reflux" -

  6. Supplements - Supplements such as Iron and Potassium supplements have been linked to heartburn.

  7. Sleep Deficiency - Your gut is on a sleep schedule too. Don't disrupt it.

  8. Poor Breathing - poor breathing patterns may lead to LES weakening, delayed gastric emptying, and swallowing air, all of which may impact your GERD.

Health coaching helps you:

1. Investigate the instigators of your GERD/GORD/LPR

2. Remove the triggers from your life

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