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Is Soy Good or Bad?

Is soy good or bad for GERD/Acid Reflux?

When answering questions like this, keep in mind the following:

1. The more whole/less processed a food the better. 2. Organic is probably better than GMO. 3. Fermentation and cooking change the nutritional qualities of food (e.g. less anti-nutrients/more bioavalability). 4. We all have different bodies with different intolerance and allergens (so listen to your body!). 5. Even healthy foods can become unhealthy in excess (moderation is key).

As far as I understand, the current research does not prove soy products to be unhealthy in moderation for everyone. But, some individuals are allergic/intolerant to soy. Furthermore, the processing, source, or preparation of soy may impact its effect on our guts and body. Because there are so many variables, listen to your body more than anyone else. If you are choosing to eat soy, try to consume more whole, organic, and fermented forms of soy and in moderation.

Note that soy is a legume, and some believe that legumes, along with grains and sugars, need to be avoided for a period of time to recover from a number of different gastrointestinal diseases.

Be careful when researching nutrition with regards to Gastroesophageal Disease (GERD)! It can be very difficult to tell who's right and what applies to your individual body.


⚠️ "Experts" sometimes misinterpret/misapply studies. ⚠️ Nutritional guidelines change. ⚠️ Articles and Scientific research often have conflicts of interest. ⚠️ Humanity does NOT yet fully understand the human body. ⚠️ Many alternative therapy suppliers' primary interest is making money.

For example, some experts say soy is very bad for you while others say soy is great! Watch these two conflicting videos on soy and tell me what you think by commenting below:

"Is Soy Bad for You?" by Dr. Josh Axe:

"Soy and Man Boobs: A Busty Mith?" :

Soy Beans and Soy Milk. Soya Beans and Soya Milk
Soy Beans and Soy Milk

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